Unlimited Recordings

Record unlimited hi-quality audio
recordings on your device



Trying to recollect all the important moments in the recording? use highlights to remember the key moments in your recording


Keep Things Organized

use tag to keep your recordings organized,then search by the recording name, description,tag,location or any note in the recording.


Notes and Images

Add Notes to add further details to moments in your recordings.you can also add images to your recordings to capture key ideas

Pro lets you do more

Never Worry about loosing space on your phone or loosing your phone as your data is synced with Cloud

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Store moments safely in the cloud

Recording on your smartphone can be difficult especially with the limited storage space,with Skyro Pro store allthe recordings in the cloud and sync across devices

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Share recordings as a link

Sharing your moments is just as important as recording them.With Skyro pro you can share your recordings(full withhighlights,notes, images and tags) with anyone as a link

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Web Access

Access your recordings on your laptop,desktop or iPad. With skyro pro web you are one login away from your important moments

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